Welcome to Green Dreams, a shrine to JunJun from BSSM, created by Naoko Takeuchi. She was one of the four amazones, introduced in the SuperS series.  JunJun is tomboy of the group who is magician of acrobatic feats and deserves a little corner of the internet world.  Here you learn all about this tomboy, test your knowledge of her, grab freebies, and just watch her in action.  Please be aware there are spoilers about, for those not familiar with JunJun or Sailor Juno.  Now you better explore before JunJun grabs Zircon and tries to eat him!

Layout Information
This layout presents itself as a page from the manga, very grey and simple.  I really love that action image of JunJun as she is attacking the Sailor Senshi.  This site looks best in 1024x768 resolution or higher.  That's about it.  Please explore and learn more about this young rebellious acrobat!

New layout after almost 2 years.  This site is finished and in archived mode.  I may update something once in a blue moon, but that is it.  I'm keeping this up cause it has been up forever.  New things in this update are avatars, wallpapers, and fixed some broken links.  Thanks for visiting for all these years! Check it out! :D

10/11/08-It's been awhile, but as promised, I have created 2 new wallpapers, and made 5 new avatars.  Please check them out.  I'll add more images next time, and maybe some fanart!  :)

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